Wild Game Dinner – 24th January 2015

Game Dinner

We had a wonderful Wild Game Dinner in the Grenville Temple on 24th January evening. Alan Clark kindly provided a microphone, which he now probably regrets as it quickly passed round the room and provided a fantastic platform for a few of us to demonstrate our excellent vocal skills, including our hugely talented Chaplain, Bill Buckland!

All year round the temple is usually only seen by Grenville members and their invited guests. In recent years we have held a ‘Game Dinner’ in the Temple as it gave us an opportunity to share a very special place with family and friends. It is also an opportunity to explain a bit about the fascinating history of the lodge and last night I shared a brief summary of this from the excellent history on the Grenville website, while I still had the microphone!

  • Grenville Lodge No. 1787 was consecrated on 29th January in 1880
  • The lodge originally met in the Buckingham Town Hall
    In 1889 the lodge moved to 26 High Street, Buckingham which is now the Masonic House Doctors Surgery
  • In 1910 the first masonic ceremony was held at Yeomanry Hall. The very impressive swords on the wall serve to highlight the buildings previous association with the Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars
  • Yeomanry Hall was requisitioned for the duration of the war and the lodge spent the next 4 years meeting at the nearby Woolpack pub
  • The freehold to Yeomanry Hall was acquired in 1973

Our very generous and unofficial clerk of works David Spicer continuous to work hard to ensure that this wonderful building is kept in excellent order.

Every lodge revolves around its charitable work and each year we elect a Charity Steward to oversee this work. Gavin Anderson kindly took on this role this year and does a fantastic job for us. It’s one of the most challenging roles in the lodge and incudes arranging spectacular evenings such as this where we can open up the temple that we are all very proud of to our family and friends. A very big thank-you to Gavin for all the hard work in coordinating all of this.

Aside for being our Assistant Secretary Gavin Lannen is also our senior steward and hence looks after both lodge food and the bar where he does an amazing job. We are also very fortunate in that he was a chef in a Michelin starred restaurant in his distant past and it is his culinary genius and dedication that has made this evening special. The food was truly spectacular but poor Gavin had little opportunity to enjoy it! we are so grateful for all his efforts last night.

Despite their considerable talents and hard work, the two Gavin’s couldn’t pull all of this off on their own and we have a large cast of very kind and hard working people who gave up their time to make this evening a huge success. This includes a variety of jobs, some of them far from glamorous, including preparing the temple, laying tables, assisting Gavin in the kitchen (peeling veg!), music and DJ, serving, manning the bar, clearing tables, washing up, cleaning and restoring the temple tomorrow. In no particular order I would like to extend a very, very big thank you to:

  • Mark Buckland
  • Andy Hunter
  • Ian Hewitt
  • Alan Clark
  • Ray Buckland
  • Martin Crowley
  • Mia
  • Max

Without them kindly agreeing to help the evening could not have been the success it was.

We have a busy year of events ahead and I would also like to remind you of the key ones coming up. I you would like further details please contact our Charity Steward, Gavin Anderson:

  • February Friday 20th: Roll out the Masons: Pie Pint and Pub night
  • Friday March 20th: “The Whiskey Lounge Tasting course”
  • April Saturday 18th Villiers / Town Hall Buckingham: Ladies Festival